Balikbayan Box


Balikbayan Box Balikbayan Box Balikbayan Box

Why send Balikbayan Boxes with Orbit?

  1. We issue an official Austrian receipt as well as a tracking number for each box you send and we accept Bankomat and Credit Card payments (Visa and Mastercard).
  2. Our company is registered in Austria and complies to the rules of the Austrian government.
  3. We are working together with a reliable, experienced and trustworthy forwarding company on the Philippines.
  4. We comply to the rules of the Philippine Bureau of Customs.
  5. We provide high quality Balikbayan Boxes.
  6. Our Balikbayan Boxes are insured on their entire journey, from the moment of pick up from your home, transportation via Orbit Truck, storage in Vienna etc. etc. until the handover to your loved ones on the Philippines.
  7. Our service includes taking the best care of your Box and sealing it with a PVC rope.
  8. Orbit Customers get regular updates on the shipment eg. container movement.
  9. We provide polite and friendly service.
  10. We are trying our best to answer requests or questions fast.
Orbit Balikbayan Box Team is looking forward to providing you our best service.